Tina Frantzen - Painter

2007 “A Painter's Studio” Group Exhibition at former Artstation

Artwork exhibited in the former Artstation group show called "A Painter's Studio".

Transitions 2007

Artist's Statement:

Doors stand as a metaphor for so many things in life and our language is full of sayings that involve doors -

  • “As one door closes and another one opens”,
  • “Unlocking the door to our darkest secrets and fears”,
  • "Knocking on death’s door”.

Doors can hide, obscure, divide, protect, invite, enclose, and release, and everywhere you go you need one.

Janus, the Roman God of doorways, gates, beginnings and endings is depicted with a head of two faces looking in opposite directions. He symbolises change and transitions “ of past to future, of one vision to another, of one universe to another. He was worshipped at harvestings, plantings, marriages and births.

Change and transition - from moment to moment, from one lifetime to another.

It is often in our own doorways that we experience moments of our deepest emotions moments of anxiety and relief, of hope and despair, of joy and of intense loss.

Then there is that moment when you stand on the threshold, in the doorway, between knowing and unknowing, between past and future, a life changing moment, an intangible transient moment that we all recognise. A moment, after which our life is never the same again.

In this series of paintings, I have chosen to work with a limited palette of colours and to use light to suggest these transitions and changes, these deeper moments of joy, sorrow, mystery and hope. To give a sense of that elusive but familiar presence which reminds me that the limit of this present life is not death.