Tina Frantzen - Painter

2010 “Ephemera” Solo Exhibiton

Artwork exhibited in the former Satellite Gallery's solo exhibition called Ephemera in 2010


My initial inspirations came from my experiences travelling overseas on a personal odyssey and I was entranced by light and colour as a means to convey atmosphere.

Following this period, I used light in the context of doorways and openings as a metaphor for change and transition. In the development of that series of works I began to include figures in the paintings.

As I worked through these ideas my work became less figurative - more about the qualities of light, more emotive. My work continued to evolve so that I was painting intuitively - simplifying the images and using the qualities of light to illuminate elusive figures.

Again, using the qualities of light, and through a process of revealing, figures would appear. The gender, era and demeanour of each figure would be unknown to me before I began each painting, so that each time there was a total surprise as they revealed themselves.

In developing these figure paintings further, experimenting with scale, and colour palette, I am finding that the figures are again changing. Rather than creating an elusive figure, illuminated but framed by blackness, I am zero-ing in on the figure which then assumes a greater presence.

I am also experimenting with small abstract landscapes which are appearing every so often - also an intuitive process!

I am really enjoying this transition to another phase of my work.