Tina Frantzen - Painter

2009 “Echo” - Solo Exhibition

Artwork exhibited in the former Satellite Gallery's solo exhibition called Echo in 2009

NZ Herald Review


Towards the end of the time when I was creating new works for this exhibition, the elusive images present in many of my paintings changed.

They became more overt, more fully realised and differentiated from each other.

Through a process of uncovering paint and revealing, figures would appear.

The gender, era and demeanour of each figure would be unknown to me before I began each painting, so that each time there was a total surprise as they revealed themselves.

It was almost as though creating doorways, entrances and thresholds allowed these figures to enter my work. Figures, which although no longer elusive, are diverse, enigmatic and echoes of the past.

I intend to develop these figure paintings further - experimenting with scale, texture and colour, so that they develop a greater presence.

Although I paint intuitively without a concept of the final image, I intend to see if I can create paintings of similar figures which will form a group.