Tina Frantzen - Painter

2008 “Enter” - Solo Exhibition

Artwork exhibited in the former Satellite Gallery's solo exhibition called Enter in 2008


ENTER Invitation – evocation - invocation

To enter is to cross the threshhold, to pass through the doorway - the metaphor for change and transition – from moment to moment, from one lifetime to another.

It is to evoke those moments in our own doorways that we experience our deepest emotions – moments of anxiety and relief, of hope and despair, of joy and of intense loss.

It is to remember that moment when you stand on the threshold, in the doorway, between knowing and unknowing, between past and future, a life changing moment, an intangible transient moment that we all recognise. A moment, after which our life may never be the same again.

Enter invokes an understanding of these deeper moments of joy, sorrow, mystery and hope.
To give a sense of that elusive but familiar presence which reminds us that the limit of this present life is not death. 

Towards the end of the time when I was creating new works for this exhibition, the elusive images present in many of my paintings changed.
They became more overt, more fully realised and differentiated from each other.
Through a process, which evolved through much experimentation, figures began to appear. The gender, era and demeanour of each one would be unknown to me before I began painting, so that every time I was surprised as they revealed themselves.
It was almost as though creating doorways, entrances and threshholds allowed these figures to enter my work. Figures, which although no longer elusive, are diverse, enigmatic and echoes of the past.